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By: Amos Chan


Credit: Unsplash

Do you know what animes are? Are you familiar with it? If you are, then this article might be something you can learn a bit more. If you are not familiar with anime, then this is a good place for you to learn about anime.

An anime is an animated Japanese cartoon. Most animes that are watched and more popular are mostly about fighting and action, which this type of anime is called Isekai. Some good fighting animes are Bleach, Dragon Ball Z, Full Metal Alchemist, Hunter X Hunter, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, Naruto, One Piece, My Hero Academia, etc. While there are fighting animes, there are also animes about Kodomomuke, or animes for children.

The Kodomomuke type of anime is appropriate in any way, and they are extremely exciting to watch. Some animes of the Kodomomuke type are Pokémon, Digimon, Doraemon, Hello Kitty, Beyblade Burst, etc. While some people might think some of these animes are boring, they are child-friendly, and all ages can watch this type of anime.

So, this is what animes are, an incredibly fun cartoon to watch with different types too. Let me ask you, what are your thoughts? Do you want to watch anime? What did you learn? Anime is a surprisingly good thing, so I recommend you watch it.



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