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APAC Dance

By: Hannah Sun


On November 19 a survey about APAC Dance was sent out to all the middle school students. The survey was about if students are interested in APAC Dance. This article will answer your questions about APAC Dance.

What is APAC Dance?

The term APAC stands for Asia Pacific Activities Conference. APAC Dance is part of performing arts activities. Students between the age of 15 to 18 can audition for APAC. (Only in high school) Usually each school has 10 to 12 students in APAC Dance. The APAC Dance team does Hip Hop, Contemporary, ballet and Jazz.

Contemporary and Hip hop

For the past 3 years, Concordia’s dance team has been focusing on Contemporary and Hip Hop. Many of their performances is a combination of these 2 dances. For example, the APAC dance team is working on a performance based on the theme “Gender equality”. This dance is choregraphed by the students in the dance team. It combines contemporary and hip hop (with some jazz funk). “Our goal is to deliver an empowerment message through the lyrics of the music and the movements” quoted by the CISS APAC Dance coach Ms. Deb.

How do you get in APAC Dance?

Recently, there are 12 students in the APAC Dance team. To get in APAC Dance ...

1) You need to know how to dance

2) You have to be able learn a choreography fast

3) During practice you have to be able to give ideas and choreograph a dance piece.

4) All students in APAC Dance have to work together as a team

5) The student has to enjoy and be passionate about dance

At the end of each year the APAC Dance captains (currently: Ingrid Jin and Mindy Min) will send out audition information. The APAC Dance team practice every Monday and Thursday for 2 hours. The APAC Dance has about 4 to 5 performances per year. Usually, the APAC Dance performs for the school or compete with other APAC schools.

Advice from Ms. Deb

Ms. Deb advice that students who want to join APAC Dance could take dance classes outside of school. Taking classes outside of school will help students build their foundation and get ready for any competitions or practices. According to Ms. Deb the most difficult part of APAC dance is building teamwork. Building a team and collaborating together is hard sometimes for many reasons. For example, if a choreography is based on jazz and hip- hop, a student that does Ballet will have a hard time following the team. Last year, about 20 students auditioned for the APAC Dance team. About 12 to 15 students got in.


Ms. Deb encourages all students to audition for the APAC Dance team. “For students who love dance and are passionate about dance, it is a good way to learn and improve their dance skills as well as collaborate with other International school students with the same passion” says Ms. Deb.

Sources for APAC information:

If you want more information about APAC, please go to the link below.

If you want more information, please contact Ms. Deb (aka, Apac Dance coach)

Ms. Deb’s email:

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