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APAC Volleyball

By Eileen Su


The first things of volleyball APAC is that it is full of competitive players, and competitions. It usually is hosted by another school in the area. If your school is hosting you will be meeting a bunch of other volleyball teams. But if you are one of the schools getting invited by another school it may be a bit nervous for you in my opinion. But the hosting schools will encourage you.

There may be competitions like this. It may last a few days till all the teams are done playing with one another. It sure is exciting! Join volleyball teams and you may have an APAC someday. You could be competing a bunch of schools. Don’t be afraid, because you will find it exciting.

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During APAC in school, you might get the excuse to skip class to watch the APAC game. There may be booster clubs for the volleyball players, our just other people who are watching. Parents can join this booster club to help the players out. In the booster club there may be food like (Melted) cheese and nachos, popcorn, hot dog (Cheese hot dog or normal Hotdog) and lastly candy. For drink (which most players get) there may be Ice Tea, Coke, Sprite and Energy drinks. If there is (Melted) cheese I recommend you try it, especially if you are a cheese lover. Aside from food there are free cheering objects to cheer for the team.

The games after school are usually at the High School Gym. During school it's in both gyms. But it depends on how many teams are playing

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