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Are GMO Products Good For You?

By: Grant Bae


Credit: Wix

Have you ever wondered what GMO is? Well, GMO is an acronym for genetically modified organisms. GMO is supposed to be cheaper and healthier than the original product, but is GMO worse than the original product? Let us uncover the mystery!

Scientists change the DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) of the original product (crops) to make it better. Imagine the sweet corn that you like, what if I told you that sweet corn is also a GMO product? The original corn was not as crunchy or sweet as the sweet corn was originally. It was corn that was squishy and sticky. That’s why scientists and farmers generated juicy sweet corn. GMO products help farmers grow crops rapidly even though there is not much water in that area. Also, these genetically modified organisms can produce plenty of crops with only insignificant amounts of seeds.

Some GMO products can be harmful for you. Some studies show that GMO is related to allergic reactions, cancers, and some environmental issues. Since modern technology is new to us, there is only a little information known to us. GMO can also lead us into gene changes, but you do not have to worry about this, it rarely occurs to people who eat GMO products.

You can identify GMO foods by looking at the label on the package or eating the food. In United States of America, they always put a label on GMO products because they must take a test called the FDA regulated test. In the old days, you would have eaten plain old corn, but suddenly, you see an advertisement that says, “New sweet corn!” If you saw that, you would know that a new GMO product was invented.

Scientists and farmers made those tiny, little tomatoes into big squishy tomatoes. They also made sticky and squishy corn into crunchy sweet corn. People are playing with DNA and genes of vegetables and changing their shapes, sizes, and taste. I think that this is a true miracle but also an unstable source for us.



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