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Ballet Success

By: Reena Wang


Finding success in anything is hard, especially in the things you love. It requires hard work, perseverance, and lots and lots of practice. But, the result of all the work is worth it. There are many examples of success in ballet, and below are some examples of a company and of people that had found ballet success, and what they do.

Shanghai Ballet

The Shanghai Ballet brings the glamour and beauty of shanghai dance to international audiences. They had many famous shows including their most famous piece, The White-Haired Girl.

The White-Haired Girl

The Shanghai Ballet was boosted into popularity because of its performance The White-Haired Girl. It was first performed in 1958, and later was performed all over the world. The White-Haired Girl’s choreography is a mix between classical textbook vocab, and Chinese Opera.


The Shanghai Ballet has adapted and created many performances. The performance's uniqueness brings them to life. They have created/performed productions such as: Echoes of Eternity, Bright Red Star, Hamlet, Shanghai Grand Theatre’s version The Nutcracker, Shanghai Ballet Version The Sleeping Beauty, Lady of the Camellias, Giselle, Balanchine and Beyond, Coppelia, and La Sylphide

George Balanchine

George Balanchine is a famous choreographer. He has also influenced many people and has been considered one of the most influential choreographers in the world.

New York City Ballet

Balanchine, along with Lincoln Kirstein had founded the New York City Ballet in 1948. Balanchine had served as the artistic director. He had choreographed most of the shows the company had performed in his time there.


Balanchine has choregraphed many famous productions. Some of the productions that Balanchine had choreographed include shows like: Firebird (1949, restaged 1970) ,Bouree Fantasque (1949); La Valse (1951) Allegro Brillante (1956); Agon (1957); and The Seven Deadly Sins.

For All the Instructors Out There

Many teachers and instructors have also found ballet success, though some with less publicity than others. They, like all the other examples, have worked hard day after day to achieve success, struggle by struggle. With all these instructors out there, there is one I will talk about, for more detail and for more information. My own teacher.

Interest and Hard Work

As a young girl, she had a strong passion for ballet. It had always sparked her interest when she saw others dance. And her love grew stronger when she had first performed. She worked hard to turn that passion, that love, into a skill and into a possible performance that she could be proud of. Something that would always stick by her, something she might be remembered by. And so, day after day she would work for eternity after eternity. It was not easy, she would sometimes want to just stop, but she didn’t.

Payoff and Productions

With all this hard work put into ballet, she finally got her payoff. She became a professional dancer with the before mentioned ballet company; Shanghai Ballet. She has performed in many of the productions there. Some of her favourite pieces she has performed are: The Nutcracker, The Sleeping Beauty, and Swan Lake. Out of these three, if she really had to choose, The Nutcracker would be her favorite performance. Of course, all these performances have a special place in her heart.

Post-Shanghai Ballet

After leaving the shanghai ballet, she went on to coach teachers and professionals on ballet. She would teach them all sorts of tricks and tips on teaching and ballet in general. After two or three years she moved to being where she is now, a wonderful ballet teacher to basically anyone selected by her and the other teachers (or if you’re a special exception.)

In conclusion, finding success will often vary even if your topic in success is the same, and will take a lot of work to be successful. But the result is something you will be happy with. Success can be found anywhere, in anyone. It just takes work for that success in you to shine and show its true self. So, get on with something important and you might just find success, possibly even Ballet Success!


Image/Picture Source:

Elegant and tragic-Shanghai Ballet in Echoes of Eternity

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