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By: Eirene Liu


It’s Saturday afternoon and you have nothing to do. What should you do? Well, something that is healthy and fun is biking!

Which type of bike do you like?

There are lots of types of bikes that you might like. For example, you might like mountain bikes. Mountain bikes have little suction cups on their tires. These spikes are used for gripping on to the bumpy mountain road. All mountain bikes have thick tires.

You also might like city bikes. City bikes are used for biking around the city.

City bikes have baskets in front of their bikes

City bikes might have baskets in the front to put things in it. City bike wheels do not have as many spikes as the mountain bikes because city streets are smooth, so you don’t need a lot of spikes. In China, you may find LOTS of bikes that are on the road and everyone can use it. You just pay, and you can get on!

Biking Competitions

In biking competitions, the bikers use a special type of bike that is very expensive. They can wear special types of biking shoes and they must attach a special type of handle.

Some biking competitions are in the mountains, so their tires are filled with grippers. Other competitions are in arenas, but in case the bikers fall, their bikes still have LOTS of grippers.

What do you Prefer?

You might like to drive to places. You might like to bike to places. People bike to close places and drive to far places. Do you like to bike to places or use a vehicle? Many people like to bike to places and have lots of bikes.

Biking Safety

When you bike, always make sure you wear a helmet and knee pads in case you fall and scrape yourself. Don’t bike too fast (or slow) or you’ll lose balance. Biking long distances can be really tiring, so you need to drink lots of water.I hope you guys enjoyed this article about BIKING!



SEO Cover Image: Unsplash

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