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Book Recommendations

By Reena and Amy Q


With such a large selection, finding a fitting book is hard. That's why we (Reena and Amy, with a special book chosen by the librarian) are going to give you a few (kind of) underrated but good book recommendations. These books are sure to keep you busy and flipping the pages wanting more.

1) Miss Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children

This book is a perfect fusion of laughs, chills, and thrills. It follows the story of Jacob, a boy with a grandpa full of his own wonderful tales about his life. His stories are about his life as an orphan, and when he found out he was a peculiar and was rescued into a home full of also rescued peculiar children (children with peculiar abilities. As he grows up his belief in his grandfather's stories fade away. But when his grandfather is killed by a strange black creature. He starts to question everything. No

one believes what Jacob saw. His therapist, doctor Golan, says he should go to the home to see it for himself. While he is there he searches for the home until he found it; a house with children everywhere, all displaying a peculiar ability. He knows if he tells his dad he would be considered bonkers, but how was he to explain him leaving all the time? And how did he enter this magical and peculiar place when everyone else couldn't?

2) The War That Saved My life

Set in World War II, The War That Saved My Life is about Ada. A girl with clubfoot on both feet [clubfoot- a birth defect that causes one or both of a baby's feet to point down and then turn in.] Because of her clubfoot, her already mean mom hates her. Trapping her in their one room apartment so no one could see her “mistake of a foot.” As her mother says. Because of her mom's abuse and lack of parenting, Ada has learned to take care of herself and her brother, Jamie. As World War II gets worse, Jamie would be leaving to London to take refuge in a volunteer’s house. Ada, not wanti

ng more abuse decides to go with Jamie when their mom wasn't there to see her. At London they meet their new guardian, Susan. Susan is a nice lady, but her mom's abuse has affected how she sees things. Ada is struggling to understand how to live in the city, the way of how everything works makes her confused, often leading to a loud outburst. Is Ada ever going to fit in? Or will Ada have to go back with her mom? Only time can tell with her.

3) Librarian’s Choice: Lost In the Sun

This book follows the story of Trent, a sixth grader

who wants to forget about a terrible summer accident. During the summer Trent was playing a normal game of hockey when he accidentally strikes a boy in the chest. This would've been fine if not for the boys undiagnosed heart condition, leading to his death. Trent is overcome with guilt that he had killed someone. His guilt eventually combines with anger at his parents for divorcing and at his school, classmates, and teachers. After a while Trent feels useless and worthless. He starts to spiral out of control. But his only friend Fallon still believes in him, along with a few adults. Trent starts to realize that he isn't the only one with confused and conflicting problems. In fact, if he just looked around maybe he might just find many just like him.

4) Ban this Book

The whole ordeal happened one day when Amy Anne wanted to check out from the school library her favorite book ever, From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler. Only to hear the

school librarian, Mrs. Jones, say that her favorite book was banned! This all happened just because a parent thought it was inappropriate for children. Amy Anne decides to wage a battle for the books by starting a secret banned books library in her locker. She also starts making up dumb reasons why every book should be banned to make a point and to take a stand against unreasonable censorship. You're Never Too Young to Fight Censorship!


These books aren’t the only good books, they are just a few recommendations from us (Reena and Amy. There are always more books to read. Next time you think you’re bored, go to Sora and explore.


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Email with Mrs. Chapman, our librarian, for recommendations

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