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CCA Review

Hannah Sun


Every year, Concordia gives out opportunities to students that want to participate in CCAs. Each year we have the same CCAs, oil painting, battle of the books, cross country, tennis and more. But these CC

As are not always liked by everyone, some students do not enjoy them. It seemed as if the CCA programs would

never be able to fulfill the requests of the students. But have you ever thought of why. Today you will read about some of the reasons of why the CCA program could not fulfill the requests of students.

CCAs list for this year:

According to the CCA list from the MS (Middle School) office the activities we have now are:

To get started, I made a CCA survey which 102 middle school students responded. To make the CCAs fun for everyone, we first need to get opinions from students. According to the CCA survey 52% of the Middle School likes the CCAs at Concordia. 8% don’t and 40% of the students are not sure. It seems like the most of the students feel like they like the CCAs but want a little bit of change. About 44% of the students might want to change some CCAs.

Some students have been complaining about the CCAs that we have in school now. A student said that “CCAs should be more based on what students want and have more involvement with community and should be student run clubs.” Four of the top CCAs students choices were cooking, dance, art, sports game (sports like KCC, Big Base etc).

Interview with Ms. Summer, CCA Director

To fulfill the requests of the students, I got a great opportunity to meet with Ms. Summer Yu and discuss this project with her. I presented the requests of the students to her and asked if there was a possibility of changing the list of CCAs for the next season. First, I recommended the top 4 CCAs students wanted, “Students would like to have CCAs more based on their requests. What are your suggestions on this?”

According to Ms. Summer some of the CCAs have not been offered because of Covid 19. For example, cooking, for the past years' teachers have volunteered to give baking classes in the kitchen, but because of Covid they cannot offer that right now. But it may be added to the list if the pandemic situation gets better.

As for sports games Ms. Summer said that all the gyms space will be prioritized for core sports use after school (table tennis, basketball, volleyball, etc.).

The idea of dance and art CCAs have been brought up in the past few seasons, but they weren't added to the list in this season. Here are the reasons. Dance has been offered in the past season but because there were very few people that signed up, so Ms. Summer didn’t add it in to the list again this season. As for art, the CCA program has offered oil painting and crafting, and students even said that they would like to do more! However, the problem lies in the fact that we don’t have teachers that teach art as a core class that can also teach art CCAs.

But, I thought of a solution that just might work.


Ms. Summer and I are very motivated about what the students want. Together, we worked out a solution that might work. The biggest problem is what students requested are not currently offered. To solve this, we have to find teachers first. One way that we could do this is to ask for high school volunteers. Many high school students are interested in computer science and drawing. I have also suggested Ms. Summer to check with the APAC dance team about this and see if the jazz group is willing to teach K-pop Dance.

There are many reasons of why some of the CCAs students suggested could not be add to the list, but the CCA programs (Ms. Summer) will always be willing to take your suggestions. If you have any comments or questions, please click the link below to email.

Thank you for reading


CCA program: Ms. Summer (Summer Yu)

CCA survey sent to MS Students

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