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Christmas Traditions

By: Elina Seok and Karen Wang


Credit: Wix

Have you ever wanted to celebrate Christmas, but in your own way? Read this article to find out popular traditions you can do during Christmas! These could help you to decide how you want to celebrate.

Lots of people celebrate Christmas. We have some promising ideas to help you celebrate and make your Christmas even more fun! One of the things that is not often celebrated is drinking eggnog. Yep, you read that right. EGGNOG. Even though it may sound disgusting, it is quite good, and a lot of people enjoy drinking it for Christmas. Eggnog is of course made from egg and milk. The correct definition is “Eggnog is a milk and egg drink traditionally served during the holiday's at large gatherings. And you might just want to pull out the punch bowl you inherited from your great aunt for the occasion.

According to Alex Johnson, eggnog has a sweet flavor instead of the savory flavor. A glass of eggnog tastes like melted ice cream that rolls down your throat smoothly. Sometimes, people compare eggnog's taste to that of custard ice cream. They are both creamy and rich, with a spicy overtone because of cinnamon, nutmeg, and clove. In the old days, before we had electricity and refrigeration, eggnog was called milk punch and was a drink served only by the wealthy due to the expense of sugar and brandy. Since serving it was a sign of wealth, toasts to long life and wealth were made when it was served.” According to the website The Food Network. Besides the many types of Christmas traditions people celebrate in the world, we are also going to tell you how most people celebrate Christmas in our school. According to our survey’s data graph, 19 out of 51 people celebrated Christmas by leaving Santa cookies and milk. 18 out of 51 people celebrated Christmas by Christianity religion. And only 4 out of 51 people celebrated Christmas drinking eggnog. That is not a lot of people that celebrate Christmas by drinking Eggnog. Besides our school, in the U.S, Americans drink over 135 million pounds of eggnog each year, according to dailyitem: Eggnog.

In conclusion, you can celebrate Christmas in lots of diverse ways. There are a lot of ways to celebrate Christmas that you try at home. Tell your friends, family, and even teachers how to celebrate Christmas!



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