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Debate! Should Zoos be Banned?

By: Kellan Hsu


If you did not know, recently around the internet there has been debate over whether zoos should be banned. Each side has been presenting valid reasons, and today I will be showing those reasons to you.

Credit: Wix

The community of people that want to get rid of zoos (Pro team) says that animals are treated poorly in zoos. They say that animals aren’t treated fairly, as they are taken away from their natural habitat. This causes many animals to retrieve mental illnesses. Because of this, they argue that this is breaking animal rights. Therefore, zoos should be banned. According to an article from BBC, it goes over all the things that are wrong with zoos. Such as them being out of their natural habitat, also them not having enough space to do things in their cells.

However, the Con team (the community of people that want to keep zoos), states that zoos instead keep animals healthy. As most animals suffer from a lack of food, water, and even poachers and predators, zoos keep them from those horrible things happening. They provide for them, while people can visit them. According to an article from TreeHugger, they say that they provide a safe environment for animals. Because of this, they prevent many animals from instant death. Therefore, zoos should be kept.

Now you know what each team believes. So, it is up to you to decide which team you want to debate, during the debate over Zoo’s should be banned.



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