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Distance Learning

By: Lynn Kim & Christina Liang


Credit: Wix

Starting on March 14, all students in Shanghai have experienced drastic changes in their school life, due to the recent Covid outbreak. These changes have affected students' daily routines as well as school life.

After interviewing a few students from Shanghai schools, we have obtained their opinion about the changes that have occurred from online learning, as well as the likes and dislikes of HBL.

Changes in daily life

According to Brandon Zhou, Isabelle Huang, and Maggie Lu, one major change in their daily lifestyle is their sleep schedules. Brandon Zhou stated “I have been sleeping a lot later than usual. Because of this, I have been feeling tired, and more impatient. Besides that, he also stated that another change in his daily lifestyle is that he now wakes up 10 minutes before class starts. “After you’ve woken up is not the best idea to go to class first thing, your brain just doesn’t feel right during class a lot of the time, for me, that’s some of the drawbacks of online learning.” Another major change that occurred is the lack of social interactions with others. A quote from one of our 6th graders about the cut of social interaction is, “ever since distance learning has started, I have been feeling the constant feeling of loneliness because my friends are far away.”

One of the biggest changes that have occurred during distance learning (according to interviewees and survey entries) is people longing to see their friends. The reason is, that “we’re mostly stuck at home, so lots of people don’t get the opportunity to socialize like they would usually do on a daily basis, in school.”

Likes and Dislikes

Everyone has likes and dislikes, even when it comes to distance learning. According to a survey, most people like that they can sleep in later, and don’t have to attend school in person. The most common answers for dislikes are, not being able to go outside, not being able to see friends and too much screen time. According to one of our 6th-grade interviewees, Kellan Hsu says “I spend most of my day on the screen, and I must do all my tasks online.” Some of the things people have been enjoying about distance learning are more free time. On some occasions, there are shortened classes which leave more time for personal pleasures. For example, students have more free time to work on activities they enjoy and want to pursue, like sewing. According to our survey, another popular response was being able to sleep more. Sleeping helps you stay energized throughout the day and can help improve moods. Because there is not as much homework, people get to sleep and rest more.

We asked our interviewees what things they had done during HBL to entertain themselves. One of the answers that appeared the most was games. Some examples were board games, video games, and sports. One person that enjoys playing games outside is Sophie Chow. She enjoys going downstairs to her compound to play in the park with her friends. Brandon Zhou who enjoys playing table tennis has said, “I have also been able to play table tennis a lot better because of all the time I have spent with my friends. I can play table tennis which is fun, and I have learned a lot such as how to serve professionally.” On the other hand, some people enjoy playing games with the comfort of being at home. For example, Tiger Liu and Kellan Hsu. These two have been spending quality time with their family. “I have been spending time with my family by playing bored games which, I think has brought us closer together” Kellan Hsu stated. And Tiger talked about how being home a lot with his family has gotten them to bond more.

As of April 20, 2022, there have been about 16,000 positive cases reported in Shanghai. As Shanghai students struggle throughout this process, we can only imagine how much they want to go outside and breathe fresh air, buy delicious foods, and see friends. If you were in this position, what would you do? Well, some suggestion of things to do during this challenging time is to call friends, social time is a terrific way to increase a positive mindset. Another option is to go outside for a walk or go on your balcony to soak in some sunlight, which can help boost positivity. Studies have proved that sunlight makes everyone happier. Find more about the issue in our sources below.



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