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Effective Time Management

By: Jason Kang


Credit: Wallpaper Flare

When I started middle school, time went by like a blur. I spend hours every day working, but I still cannot finish my work. This made me stressed out. One day, when I was reading my Chinese book, I figured out some good time management skills. That day, I finished everything successfully. If you are a person that wants extra free time for hobbies, I highly recommend you read this article. If you are a middle schooler like me, I also recommend you this article.

Before I start giving you some tips about effective time management, you might ask, "Why do I need to manage my time effectively?" There are a lot of benefits if you manage your time effectively. For example, it makes you less stressed out at the end of the day. What are the benefits of not stressing out, then? Studies have shown that reducing stress can make you sleep better, get sick less, and even improve your relationships with your family and friends. But of course, that is only a few out of a lot of benefits.

Now, you know how important time management is. I will tell you how to be a novice time management person to an expert one. The best way to manage your time effectively is to reflect on what you do every day. First, you jot down what is the amount of time used doing a specific thing. Then, do the same thing for everything you do that day of the week. Once you finish collecting your data, you will have to organize them.

Microsoft Excel - Pie Chat

The best way to organize data is by using a pie chart. My favorite app to make a pie chart is Microsoft Excel. To create a pie chart, you first create a chart in Excel. Then, you go to the button on the top that marks "Insert." Once you select it, there will be a little button with the picture of the pie chart on it. Select it, and it will give you your pie chart. You can also change the style.

Process of making a Pie Chart.

Once you have organized your data, you can start sorting them out. Microsoft Outlook Calendar and Microsoft Tasks are two of the best apps for managing your time. But there is a third way, which I prefer more. Drawing what you do in a specific amount of time helps a lot. I call this the clock chart. The clock chart works better if you have the same schedule every day. Or you can just write one for each day of the week.

To make a clock chart, you first draw a 24-hour clock. Then, you draw a dot in the middle. After that, you connect each number to the center of the circle. This will make your clock neater. Now, you can start adding tasks to your clock. When you are finished, highlight each task. Then, label the colors on the right side of your chart. Your time management chart is completed.

Sample Clock Chart of a Person’s Daily Schedule.

Time management is extremely important for anybody, not only middle-schoolers. Managing time effectively not only can make you sleep better, but it can also make you happier. It helps you get organized for new projects. Why not start today and start managing your time effectively?



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