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Figure Ice-Skating

By:Ziwen Feng & Isabella Luo


Credits: Wix

Have you ever heard about ice skating? Have you ever considered ice skating? Have you ever wanted to join ice skating? Olympics before? Well, we have the right sport for you. Try ice skating!

Ice skating is a sport that can be singly performed or by peers. Performed freestyle movements of jumps, spins, lifts, and footwork in a graceful manner.

The shoes you wear for ice skating are different from normal shoes. Ice skating shoes are called ice skates. Ice skates are made from leather, nylon, plastic, steel, and various other synthetic materials. The ice-skates are different from normal skates because ice-skates do not have wheels, they have a blade that is made from steel. When ice skating was just invented it was 1000 BCE. During that period, ice skates are made from the rib bones of elks, oxen, and reindeer.

Ice skating originated in Scandinavia. But ice skating’s history is unknown, people have various answers. Ice skating grew rapidly popular after the 1930s. Even though it is incredibly popular during that period, it did not become an Olympic sport until 1976.

Today in our world, a lot of people think of ice skating as their favorite sport. People would even compete in ice skating. So now, would you like to consider ice skating?



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