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By Shiloh Asche and Bella Wu


Credits: Unsplash

Close your eyes and picture a fantastic friend in your life. What makes that friendship so wonderful? How do you continue to strengthen a great friendship? Well, were going to give you some tips that might help you relax on that thought. We have interviewed 2 awesome teachers, Mr. Fishman an Mrs. Alfano. They all had very good ideas and points on their perspective on finding good friends and how to be a better one.

Sometimes it may feel as if you need to be a better friend or like you did something wrong. Sometimes it might even feel as if you need to be the peace maker or always have the answers. That is not true. You can have some of the answers but not all of them. The good thing is though, that you're trying to be a good friend. It is ok to not have all of the answers to problems. At times, listening is the best thing we can do for our friends.

If you ever do feel like that though, you should be able to tell your friends how you feel. With friends you should always be okay with being open or it can lead to conflict. Communication is important. Each person sharing openly helps to strengthen the relationship.

Everyone is unique and special in their own ways. Some friends are free spirited and others like to have routines. For example, Mrs. Alfano gave us an example of a time when someone had two friends. One friend who loved to have fun and be free spirited and another that would also have fun but only if they followed the rules while doing it. Each person is different. To be a caring friend, we need to accept our friends for who they are and respect their boundaries.

Friends are great to have! And remember to appreciate your happy and healthy relationships!

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