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Halloween Costume Ideas

Sophie Chen


Did you see some great costumes on Halloween? Are you already starting to think about your costume for next year? Then you have the perfect article here. This article will introduce you to various kinds of ideas, interesting makeup, and some costumes you can make at home. So, let us get started.

First, let me introduce some ideas for scary costumes. There are a few elements to make you scary: blood and black and white stuff. And since we need black stuff, it can be all sorts of things! Some ideas include zombies, ghosts, etc.

Next, we can talk about creative ideas. Creative ideas are ideas that are not seen a lot. And there is also a type of creative costume which is the wicked princess. For example, like the evil Cinderella and the dark side of Snow White. This dark cloud costume below is a unique costume too. And clowns, aliens, and pumpkins are creative too! And after all creative costumes are creative so you can think of one just by being creative.

If you have good art skills, you can also make your own unique costumes. Here are some ideas for homemade costumes ideas.

Ghost costume:

What you need:

-A big white cloth -A pair of scissors

  1. First, you get a big white cloth, and cut out two holes for the eyes and another bigger hole for the mouth.

  2. Then you put a piece of cloth around you and look in the mirror.

  3. Done!

Witch costume:

What you need: -A black dress -A cloak -A hat

  1. First you need to find a black dress. It can also be two pieces.

  2. Then put the hat and the cloak on. If you can find a pet animal, you can also take it with you. And a broom will do fine too.

  3. Done!

What do other people think and what do you think?



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