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How Baking Can Affect Our Lives

By: Semma Gitler and Nico Wang


Credit: Wix

Baking can be very helpful to us during Covid. When you can’t go out and get food which everyone needs for every meal. However, we can use flour and other ingredients to make other edible food, like cake or bread. Baking can also be an extremely interesting activity to do when you’re bored at home or in quarantine.

Because we’re in lockdown, many people might not have access to food or have the right tools to buy food. And sharing the things that you bake seems to be a great way to create bonds between people during rough times like this. For example, Bella, a 6th grader at Concordia, said “In my compound, one of our neighbors made bread and gave it to us since we didn’t have any bread.” When I asked her in an interview about it, she said that it made her family closer to the family that was giving bread. Now the two families often hang out together and have outdoor grills together. Just with this one story, you can see the friendships and connections being formed between the two families.

You might think that receiving baked goods can be great but how is it from the giver’s point of view? Jason Chen told us more about the experience of giving baked goods. Jason Chen said, “I think baking during Covid could help my neighbors because sometimes my mom and I bake bread for our upstairs and downstairs neighbors, and I think they are very happy too.” After hearing what Jason said, you can really see that the joy of giving someone something as simple as bread can bring joy to the person giving the bread. The giver is happy, the recipient is filled with joy, and their relationship is now stronger. You can tell that Abby Hanna agrees because she says, “It's hard not to smile when someone's made you a nice treat. Baking always makes me happy, as well as getting to eat the treats other's make me.” Yein Kim seems to not agree more when she said, “It can make people happy.”

It seems like it’s not just Bella, Jason, Abby, and Yein who have noticed or experienced people who are sharing their baked goods with people in need. A few examples can be Hannah Sun who said, “Some people that bake would share their food to some of the guards or volunteers of Covid.” I don’t know about you but when I first saw this, it immediately warmed my heart. A 6th grader who doesn’t want to be named also said, “It helps my compound because we could share our treats and what we made.” This doesn’t seem unique to her compound as other people like Micah Tang have experienced similar situations. Micah Tang said, “Baking could help us because people in our compound are sharing baked goods and bartering.”

So, if you have the ingredients, time, and a passion for baking, I’ll encourage you to go bake something nice for someone in need or just a family member or even a friend. It’ll most likely brighten their day and build onto your relationship. If you want a few ideas, 26 percent of the people that we surveyed said that they like to bake cakes. 36 percent said that they like to bake cookies of some sort. 15 percent said that they liked to bake brownies, and another 15 percent said that they liked to bake bread. Some less common ideas include crepe cake, towel roll cake, and mochi. Micah Tang said that he liked to bake muffins. And lastly, someone else responded with macarons. So, try to make something new when you get the chance and share it with those around you to bring joy to others and yourself.




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