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How BTS Became Popular

By: Yein Kim


Credit: Wix

Nowadays, there are many people that pay attention to K-pop idols. And the group that succeeds the most and the most known group is BTS. BTS also released many songs that hit BILLBOARD HOT 100 #1. And I want to tell you how and why BTS became popular, and some facts about them, because many people don’t know a lot about their history and the things that happened before they became popular.

First, they debuted on 2013, the 13th of June. Their title song was <No More Dream>. And it was not successful. People made fun of them, just because their name is “Bulletproof Boy Scouts” (Just as a side note, name BTS came from the first letter of the Korean name for BTS. Because the actual Korean name for BTS is pronounced, ‘Bang-Tan-So-neon-dan'). Also, their fan club's name is called, ARMY.

In Korea, if you are an idol group, and you release a song, the idol group will perform their song and dances through the TV channels to advertise their songs, but when they just debuted, their performance video was edited, and only half of their performance went through the TV! People made fun of them also because they debuted as a hip-pop group, not an idol group.

Secondly, from 2013 to 2015, they were keeping their hip-pop genre, but they changed their plans in 2015. And the first song of non-hip pop song from BTS is called, I NEED U and that gave BTS 4 awards for the first time for their song on music channels. And that song was on an album called, “The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, pt.1”. In 2016, BTS released a song called “FIRE” and that song also earned them 3 awards from the music channels.

According to a fan of BTS(ARMY), he said that he started knowing about BTS from YouTube. He saw a video of BTS performing a special stage with a song called “IDOL”, and they were wearing Korean traditional clothes.

In 2018, BTS performed 62 times in 23 cities around the world on the 'LOVE YOURSELF' and 'LOVE YOURSELF: SPEAK YOURSELF' tours from August 2018 to October 2018. About 2.6 million spectators were mobilized.

In 2019, BTS released a song called “Bot with Luv” and that was made with Halsey, the American singer. The song was also extremely popular around the world. They won the “Best Pop Duo” Award in 2019 as well.

Third, in 2020, it was a special and sad year for BTS. The good thing that happened to BTS is that they released a song called ON, and they became the first artists to earn “Artist of the year” award in MAMA to earn 5 Artists of the year award in a row. But a bad thing happened. COVID-19. Covid ruined all BTS’s plans. If covid didn’t happen, they were supposed to have a world tour, but they couldn’t go. All armies were waiting for it, and some had even bought tickets for the world tour. Of course, BTS was sad, Armies were sad. They had to cancel all the plans and set a new plan. So instead of having a concert, they thought of an ONLINE concert, because BTS had been getting ready for the concert, and it just suddenly got cancelled. Even though they couldn’t feel the noise and the energetic sounds, they felt better to at least have an online concert.

Fourth, in 2020, they released Dynamite, but that was the first English song from BTS. Dynamite was also the first song that went into the Billboard 100 Chart! And they got a #1. That was the first Billboard hot 100 #1 in the whole entire Asia! After that, they had a huge celebration. After that, every single song they released, went up to Billboard hot 100 #1, and it is the shortest record since the Beatles in 1964-66 (1 year and 2 weeks) to top 6 songs (Dynamite, Savage love (Featured by. BTS), Life goes on, Butter, Permission to dance) in 1 year a month. And they wrote the history of Asia, and the whole entire world.

From 2022 March 10th to March 13th in Seoul offline! It is their first concert in 3 years in Korea that is offline. All their tickets are sold, and some couldn’t even get them. It’s that hard to get a ticket!

Finally, BTS is an awesome group, and they’ve come up from the bottom to the TOP these days. Not only because of their singing and their dancing is good, but also because their

characteristics are nice. Of course, they can’t keep the top place all the time, but they can be left in history for all times, because they set a whole different history in the world.



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