How to make Pancakes

By: Eileen


Credits: Unsplash

Do you want to make a Pancake? If you want to know this article is going to tell you how step by step. So read carefully!

The Ingredients are:

  • Eggs 1

  • Pancake Flour 1 bag

  • Milk 100ml

Tools you will need:

  • Baking bowl

  • Mixing tool

  • Measuring CUP

  • Plastic spoons

  • Flipper

  • Scissors

  1. Get your pancake flour dump it into the mixing bowl.

  2. Pour 100ml of milk with your measuring cup into the mixing bowl with the pancake flour mixture.

  3. Then crack the egg into the mixing bowl.

  4. Mix all the ingredients till they're well mixed with no crumbs in it.

  5. Put oil on the pan and dump the pancake mixture with the plastic spoon onto the pan. When the pancake’s surface has bubbles on it, you use your flipper to flip the pancake. Continue this process until you have the amount you want.

I hope this recipe helps you make a delicious pancake for breakfast. Of course, pancakes can add a bunch of things to it like blueberries, strawberries and even boba! But of course, there are many more. Thanks for reading my article!



Image: Unsplash

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