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Importance of Sleeping

By: Jason Kang


The most important thing every day you do, without really caring about it, sleeping is something you cannot live without. On the first day of school, I somehow only sleep 5 hours, and I did not do good in school. Therefore, I decided to author an article about sleeping. First, why is sleeping important?

If you are a student, getting a reasonable amount of sleep each night can help you stay focused and concentrated. From many respondents and multiple sources and my research, sleeping is extremely important for middle-schoolers because their most important job right now is to get into a good college or even a university. Sadly, every 6 out of 10 students do not sleep enough each night. Without enough sleep, it is easy to lose focus of what you are doing and drift off. Also, sleeping can help you grow taller. Growing taller is an especially important thing in middle school because you will not grow anymore when you are an adult. So, you need to save your time to SLEEP.

If you are an adult, sleep prevents various kinds of health problems. Most importantly, sleeping for longer also improves your eyesight. You might think that wearing glasses is not a big deal, but when you find out how hard it is, it might be too late. Glasses are expensive and need to be replaced often. Even worst, they make some exercise harder, for example, swimming. To add on, your vision will always have something blocking it and you might look a bit weird for yourself.

My parents always tell me to go to bed early. I did, but I could not sleep. This made me try some strategies to make me drift off faster. First, I tried to clear half an hour for reading. But that did not work well, because I was thinking so much in bed, and I ended up falling asleep at one. The next strategy I used is exercising before bed. I did around 30 push-ups ups before I head to shower and sleep. I slept quickly that night, but the only problem was that woke up with my arm aching a lot. The last thing that I tried was very successful. I tried muting out all the light sources in my bedroom. You won’t open your eyes because there’s nothing to see anyway. Then, you’ll just drift off.

Some people might ask, how do you get so much time for sleeping? Remember to check out my Effective Time Management article! Most importantly, “Sleep Well!”



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