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Is Technology Affecting Our Health, And If So, how?

By Julie Ye


For us kids, technology is helpful. For school, we can use them to research things that could help us, for friends living far away from each other, we can text each other and more. But have you thought about this: “Is technology helping us with no cons? Or is it really going to slowly take over?”

Technology has been on a giant rise these years. And when I say giant, I really mean it. In 2016 CNN researchers found that the average American spends about 10 hours in front of a screen every day. And yes, no one can blame you for being addicted to technology, because technology is really like a magnet, once you go to close to it, you get sucked into it. Well, when you think about technology, you really know it is bad for you, and your parents tell you that every day. Well, the main effect it has on you is addiction.

Technology Effect 1: Addiction

Technology, like what I like in front, is really, really, addictive. Well, that is also the case with children and adults. Many children who are addicted to technology have grades that fall at a speed, and that is not the worst case yet. Because of technology addiction, many children lose their patience more easily, which causes them mental problems, which will cause them to not get a bright future. And adults on the other case, are worse. Because of addictions to texting, people that are driving cars will get distracted, but even with the Blue Tooth hands free app, there are still many deaths that are linked to technology distraction.

Technology Effect 2: Too much screen time.

Well, this is not such a major problem compared to the others, but when many people are getting too much screen time, communication time gets less and less in families around the world. And communication problems may not seem too bad, but communication tends to be a particularly important ability to have in society. Many of the jobs everybody wants to have when they grow up are all jobs where you need an effective communication ability.

Technology Affect 3: Smartphone Interaction:

Smartphones are now a daily need. Well, to some people, it is their life because of the money and people they have in their itty-bitty smartphone. Well, smartphones have already caused a physiological effect on many people and that physiological effect causes people to feel anxiety when their smartphone’s battery falls to 20%. Another physiological effect people have had is often to happen on teen girls. Studies have found that teen girls get more self-esteem on social media than is public.

Technology Effect 4: Loss of Privacy

Knowing that social media is not private is an important thing you should know when you get on your social media accounts. Because you don’t' really know how many people want to hack your account while you’re just texting on Facebook. Many people can see when you are texting your friend about where you live. And many people send surveys for you to do. And they all seem normal, but some surveys are just trying to dig out some personal information from you. And these are especially aimed at children about 10 to 12 years old.

Technology Effect 5: Hearing Loss

When you are using headphones, the main reason you are using it is just because you can hear loud music without other people staring at you. But they are hurting your ears. Headphones with high volumes can easily reach 105 volume and staying at this high volume can cause people to permanently lose hearing.

Technology Effect 6: False Reality

People who use too much technology are really addicted can really be very addicted. When people who are too addicted make false friends, they slowly forget about real society, and get sucked into the technology world. The same is with kids, when they get addicted to many games on the internet, and decide to stay in the tech world, and those children lose their communication abilities, slowly just like what I said before.

Technology Effect 7: Sleep Problems

Electronic book readers have light-emitting diodes that send blue wavelength light. Too protracted exposure to blue lights can cause eyestrain. It can also interfere with sleep patterns. Studies have shown that exposure to blue light can suppress levels of melatonin, a hormone that lets you sleep and allows for increased alertness the following morning. Getting too much blue light also minus the amount of rapid eye movement sleep, the form of sleep-in which dreams occur. REM sleep aids memory consolidation and transmissions between neuronal networks in the brain, allowing the brain to function more effectively.

Technology Effect 8: Tricksters

If you know about click baits, you should really know that there are tricksters lurking in the alleys of the web. Many people try to pretend to be something, like a pop up for a free diamond armor set for a game, and where you just need to give your email and your account’s password. And there’s worse. Some people trick you for ways they can hack your bank account, so when your parents are answering a suspicious pop up, try to stop them from it, because you never know when a pop-up question is going to ruin your life.

Technology Effect 9: Isolation

Technology was meant to bring people together, but these days, they’ve kind of done the opposite. Studies have found that people aged about 19-32 years old who use technology a lot are more introversive than the other people who don’t really use too much technology. And many people think that talking is harder than just typing the words out and sending it out.

Technology Effect 10: Cyberbullying

If you’ve heard of bullies, you’ve heard of cyberbullying. Cyberbullying is when someone bullies someone else online. Many people do this because they can hide their identities, and others won’t know who did it. Many people are victims of cyberbullying, and we need to stop them. But many people are still deciding to go online and leave something mean, and this can cause depression to the victim getting bullied.

Now, do you think technology is good? Do you dare to use it anymore? But think about it: Do you think technology is worth all of this? Better tell me, and stop using technology too long, before it’s too late!



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