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Mark Watney - The First Crazily Optimistic Man to be on Mars (and forgotten there)

From the movie The Martian

Mark Watney is a crazily optimistic individual. More than that, Mark Watney is also very calm in every situation. Mark's philosophy seems to be "solve the problem at hand, worry about the future later." No matter how impossible situations may seem, Mark is always able to remain calm and solve the problem.

He can achieve this because he does not let the situation get to his head. His extreme optimism does not permit him to have giving up as an option. Mark can always keep a calm demeanor and navigate through fatal situations calculatedly. In fact, the reader does not get to hear much about Mark's feelings at all due to how the author chose to narrate the story. Being calm means that he can always overcome the phycological battle quickly and move on to the physical one: solving the problem. When the hab explodes and Mark is trapped in the airlock with a cracked visor, he can solve his problems. Finding the leak in the airlock, patching his suit, finding a new suit are all some of the things that Mark achieves even while his lifeline on mars seems to be destroyed. Those traits alone are the big gap between Mark and "ordinary" people. While other people may be freaking out in his situation, Mark does not.

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