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Minecraft Upcoming 1.19 Update

By: Nathan Yung


Credit: Beebom

The new 1.19 update for Minecraft is coming out! And everyone is excited about it. But I’m sure a lot of people most definitely want to know about it to see it so they can know if it was worth getting it. 

The 1.19 update is adding the warden, sculk blocks, sculk sensors, and the deep dark cities. They were supposed to be added in version 1.18, but Mojang decided to move it to 1.19. So we can’t summon the warden and get sculk sensors until 1.19 is officially released. Which is in 2022, for both Java and Bedrock edition (java edition is on pc and bedrock edition is on Nintendo switch, iPad, phones, PlayStation, etc). Although it’ll be released more quickly for Java, unfortunately. Which is sad for bedrock players. Anyway, let's forget about the negative things and move on to the main part of this update.

This update basically upgrades the swamp biome, by adding frogs, mangrove roots, frog eggs, tadpoles, warden spawn eggs, frog spawn eggs, tadpole spawn eggs, deep slate frames (deep slate is a type of stone in Minecraft which can be crafted into decorative blocks) and mangrove trees. It’ll also add the allay, which is a small blue mob (a mob is any living thing in Minecraft) that looks like a fairy or pixie that gives you stuff and flies around your world. It’s about ¼ of a block tall. (Warning: I didn’t include 100% of the facts on here, so you also won’t know all about this update.) 

If you play Minecraft, I hope you’re ready and excited for this update. I’m also ready for the update. Goodbye and have a happy new year in 2022! (Tip: If you want to experience these things for yourself, go get the 1.19 snapshot.) 



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