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Nike & Adidas

By: Isaac


Credit: Wix

Do you know what Adidas and Nike are? Specifically, their soccer shoes? Well, if you do not, then either you don’t know what soccer is, cause cleats are one of the main things and benefits for better performances for the players that play professionally in soccer, and Adidas and Nike soccer shoes, with great engineering and technology, they have become the kings for bringing the best performances in the world. But if you don’t know what soccer shoes are, then I will give you a brief viewing of them. They are one of the most popular, if not the most popular, footwear for soccer players, but there can only be one king, the question is who is it?


Background (Adidas)

Adidas and Nike are not only good at soccer footwear, but also are very popular amongst regular shoes. Although they are not always for the amazing cool design, they like supplying comfortable sports shoes. They supply basketball shoes, soccer shoes, running shoes etc. But how did they start?

Around the 19th century, in Germany, Bavaria, Adolf Dassler created adidas. They wanted to supply the best equipment to athletes. He made all different types of shoes, but it was only until 1949, where Adolf Dassler made adidas soccer cleats. They quickly became popular throughout the world, and now they are as popular as ever.

Background (Nike)

In 1964, Nike was founded. Nike was created by Blue Ribbon Sports. They were created in 1978 and have had big success throughout the years. From 1978, when their soccer boots were first released, their soccer shoes have seen more success than ever.


Comparing Adidas and Nike is tough is, although enemies in the soccer industry for the crown, all their boots have the same purposes. For example, the adidas speed flow .1/+ and the Nike vapors/superfly both have the same purposes! Speed is their main purpose. Also, the hypervenom phantom high cut and low cut, and the predator freak + and .1 both are meant for touch!

So, depending on your style of how you play, it is up to you between the two brands that have been on top for years, and most likely years to come if they keep it up this way.

Which is better?

But still, if you’re hesitant about what you should buy, let’s see some of our top soccer players tell us what they prefer. There were 4 responses so far, out of my article. One out of the four was an eighth grader, there were no ninth graders, there was a tenth grader, an eleventh grader, and a one twelfth grader. One of them “I love it because my dad bought it ❤️”. And another said, It's the brand I'm most familiar with when it comes to cleats. The Nike cleats I've had in the past have been great so I don't see a reason to switch ". The third person said, “Essentially, the reason why I like to play in Nike cleats is because most of the cleats I've had are from Nike. Therefore, I'm more used to playing with that type of cleat. Additionally, I really like the design of Nike cleats, and it's often hard to find cleats in my size or women's cleats in general. There was a time when I wanted to get a pair of Adidas cleats, but they didn't offer my size and had no women's cleats in the store :(". And lastly, this person says, “I've always played in Nike cleats because I find them to be the most comfortable and performance-enhancing. I especially like Nike Tiempos because of the grip they have-it makes my touches much cleaned and more precise”.

So, if you are looking for cleats, according to the Concordia soccer team, they 100% recommend the Nike brand. So, if you are looking for new cleats, then Nike is the way to go. One person even said, specifically the tiempos. So, if you are ever looking for new shoes, look for the king, Nike.



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