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Online Learning VS Learning in School

By Gracie Wang


Credit: Wix

Since the sudden COVID-19 hit in 2022, Shanghai all the schools in Shanghai, including our school, Concordia International School Shanghai (CISS), went on online learning. So, I made this interview about “how you feel about online learning” for my friends because I wonder how the students feel about this drastic change to online learning.

I asked my friend Tongqin, a student in 6th grade, questions about if she liked online learning more than going to school in person. Tongqin replied, “I like actually going to school more because I get to see my friends and I don’t like to stare at the screen all day long.” Then, I asked her “What do you think had changed from actually going to school and online learning?” Tongqin replied, "Some tests got canceled, we have less homework, and sometimes we have shorter class time.”

Out of the five 6th graders I interviewed, I asked them if they would rather go back to school or stay online? All of them said they’d rather go to school than stay on online learning. Elana, a fellow 6th-grade student, goes to Shanghai American School Pudong Campus (SAS), she said it’s hard to focus on class when they’re doing online learning. She thinks that her grades got worse as time goes on during online learning as well.

According to all the 6th-grade students I interviewed, they all liked learning in school better than online. The reasons they gave why they like going to school better are they don’t need to stare at the screen all day, they can have social time with their friends, and it’s harder to focus on class. I think learning online and watching the screen all day could be very bad for our eyes. Our eyes will get tired after all the classes and our eyesight will get bad. I realized something after I had done all the interviews. Even though sometimes we complain about going to school and just want to stay home, when we really are staying home, we have realized that we were lucky to even be able to go on campus.



Interviewee 6th graders: Tongqin, Elana, Dora, Chris, and Karen.

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