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Popular Movies

By Michael Mei


Are you someone that likes to watch movies once a movie is released? Well, in this article I am going to tell you what I recommend for watching movies.

Movies Published in 2021:

-Free guy 2021 8/13

-Shang-qi (Legend of Ten rings) 2021 9/3

-Black Widow 2021 7/9: this movie is a bit earlier than the other marvel movies this year.

-Loki 2021 6/9: this is not a movie, it is a tv show on Disney plus since Disney bought marvel.

-Venom 2 2021 10/1, it is pictured by Marvel studios and Sony. Venom is released very early, so don’t get messed up with Venom and Venom 2! -What if 2021 8/11 -falcon and the winter soldier 2021 3/

19: it is also a tv show. -Wanda vision 2021 1/15: it is also a tv show

- 007

Rank of popular movies (my opinion mostly marvel) / Movies that you can watch during the weekends.

  1. Spider-Man Far From Home

  2. Captain America Civil War

  3. Avengers (1 2 3 4)

  4. Free Guy

  5. Loki

  6. Falcon and the Winter Soldier

  7. What If

  8. Black Panther

  9. Black Widow

  10. Harry Potter (1-8)

  11. Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them

  12. Doctor Strange

  13. Iron Man (All)

There are a lot of movies that I can’t list, but if you don’t like mine, you can start your own list!

Marvel movies: You may want to watch the marvel movies if you have never watched any movie from marvel. Let me tell you if you have never watched any movie (from marvel), then, you are so far behind. You should try watching the Avengers, and you may want to watch all of the Thor, Captain America and Iron Man movies. They are fantastic!

(Little fact) Iron man:

The man who had an iron heart, he is a billionaire and a future guy (technology guy). He has 1,2,3 movies and a big hero at the End game.

Warner Bros:

You may have heard of them; they made the Harry Potter movies and the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Universal bought this big company, they even made Godzilla vs King Kong and the new movie Dune. They even made Batman movies! The Pokémon movie is also made by them. And the Lego movie.

Highly recommended:

It is a movie of mysterious, magic... If you guessed it correctly, it is Harry Potter. I now will give you a little bit of information, in the first movie harry potter found the information about the philosopher's stone he suspects that Professor Snape is trying to steal the magical stone since he has a limp leg, he tries to find snape but all he found was surprise.

A house elf came to mess up Harry Potter’s summer, he warned harry potter not to go to Hogwarts. But the curious harry potter did. The house elf tried to stop him but it didn’t stop him. When he arrived, he is in grave danger.

Harry Potter’s summer is very bad, so he decided to leave the house and went on a knight bus, he heard the news of an escape prisoner of Azkaban trying to kill him would he let him do that? Would he learn the Patronus? Find out yourself.

This is the information of the first 3 movies if you find interests in it you can continue it yourself.



“Marvel future movies”:

“Marvel Movies”:

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