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Recommended Foods

By: Kellan Hsu and Amos Chan


Credit: Jonathan Borba

Have your parents ever asked you what you want to eat for dinner, and you could never pick the thing that you wanted? Well, do not worry. This list of foods will help you decide what foods you want to eat. From now on you have some options to choose what to eat.

First, according to an article made by Matt Tebbutt, a world-renounced chef. He says that some of the most popular foods in America are hamburgers. This is a popular food that has resulted in millions of fast-food restaurants opening in America. But there’s more than just this. We read an article from CNN, that goes over 50 best dishes and picked some of most popular.

Next on the list is Sushi. According to a survey that we ran in Concordia Shanghai, sushi was the most popular food. 24% of the students chose Sushi as their favorite food. Next to being burgers with 17% of students picking burgers. Sushi is another very popular food, especially in Japan. However, since most sushi has raw fish in it, some people may not prefer sushi over other foods that they can eat. So, if you love seafood or raw fish, sushi is the right food for you.

Curry. This food is most popular in places like India, Thailand, and much more. These foods are usually also popular, but can it be more popular than the next dish we have on the list...

Pizza is a food made in Italy. However, many people prepare the American version, since more cheese and more tomato are added. These shops can be found all over Italy, and lots of places in America. Other countries also have pizza shops.

Another food that most people like is pho. Pho is from Vietnam, and it is a combination of noodles, meat, and lots of spices. You can put anything in it if you make it yourself, but the most original ones in restaurants are just a combination of noodles, meat, and spices.

Lastly, you can pick French toast from Hong Kong. Though people think that French toast is from Europe, but the dessert actually came from Hong Kong. French toast is bread that is covered in butter. Some people like to add some extra things to it, like peanut butter or jams.

Now you know some of the most popular foods on earth. Maybe next time, you won’t get stuck picking what you want to eat.



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