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Eirene Liu


Are you interested in sports? If you are, I suggest you to try out soccer! Soccer is a very good sport to try out!

Soccer is first invented in ancient China. Back then, soccer was used for military training. Then, it was spread to other neighboring countries.

There are many things to consider when playing soccer. There are lots of positions in soccer. Like the midfielders, striker, defender, and goalie. The midfielder’s job is to keep the defensive and offensive lines move smoothly. The striker’s job is to attack the other team’s goal. The defender’s job is to kick the ball out when it comes near the goal. Lastly, the goalie’s job is to defend the goal!

When you play soccer, you have to kick the ball. You can’t just hold the ball in your hands and run to the goal. You have to kick it to the goal. The other team might also steal the ball from you. You can pass to your teammates if the other team is surrounding you. Or, you can just pass the ball to your teammates if you’d like! The other team can steal the ball on the way to the goal. You need to try to kick the ball into the other team's goal. But the other team has a goalie! So, watch out!

Unlike basketball, every time you score a goal, you get one point. When a team kicks the ball out of the rectangle, that’s an out. If a team kicks it out, then the other team gets to pick the ball up and throw it to their teammate. But they have to throw it behind the white line. If someone kicks it out at a corner, it’s called a corner kick. If someone tries to score and they kicked it out instead, it’s called a goalie kick. What if the ball is very high and you can’t kick it? Then you can use your head to let the ball to bounce on it. And it does not count as cheating!!!!!!

When a team player touches the ball with his/her hands it’s called a foul. Any kind of cheating is called a foul. If a foul is made, the other team gets a free kick.

Many countries play soccer and many people love it. People play soccer for competitions, for fun, and for exercising. Soccer is one of the most popular sports in the world.

Source: (The photo above is a handball).




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