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Swim Meet Performance - Concordia

By: Gladys


Credit: Wix

January 28, 2022, Concordia's Varsity Swimming Team was fortunate to be able to participate in the APAC Swimming Championships hosted by Shanghai American School. Seven international schools across the APAC region, swam the meet in six different pools to make this possible. Results were then merged to enable the APAC champions and placegetters to be crowned. Concordia placed 6th overall and we had several students place in the top 3. Our team swam the meet at the Ambassy Club and the atmosphere was electric.

Congratulations to our Swimming Team for keeping the spirit of swimming alive during this extremely challenging time. I want to give a big shout-out to the Concordia Aquatics Team, Athletics Department, and our team's amazingly awesome parents for their support in running the APAC Swimming Championships, also giving us a chance for another wonderful competition.

Our 4 coaches are also enormously proud to train this wonderful team, which includes Coach Ryan, Coach Lucky, Coach Oscar, and Coach Cecilia. They helped the Concordia Team win competitions and be faithful to the magnificent team. They also led the whole team to our last competition, in SASD (Shanghai American School Pudong). I interviewed some of our team’s best swimmers on how they did that day at the meet.

“I did beat a couple of my own records, 100 meters free and 50 meters breaststroke”

Elaine Peng (teammate)

I found out that our coaches helped many of our teammates, which is great news for everyone. Even though SASX is a perfect team of 200 swimmers, our team still proudly won many heats against them.

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