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Top 3 Places to Visit Shanghai During the Christmas Holidays

By: Sophie Chen & Amy Zhao


Are you feeling stuck? Do you have an idea where to go during Christmas? If you are, then you got the perfect article. In this article, you will be introduced to 3 top places to visit during Christmas. Please enjoy.

The first place is a place that everyone knows...Disney! Disney land has many fun and Christmas themed events. There is food, celebrations, clothes etc. You might see the new costumes of all the Disney characters. There is Christmas themed food and new Christmas themed gifts in the gift shop. You can see wonderful scenes and things you have never seen before.

“Have a magical day!”

Credits: Unsplash

The second place is the Bund in Shanghai. In Chinese called Waitan. The Bund is a

Credits: Unsplash

waterfront area and is also a protected historical district in Shanghai. The Bund runs along

the famous Huangpu River. Specifically, The Bund points to the historical buildings and skyscrapers along the road. The Bund’s buildings also have a very old-fashioned look to them which completes the whole old-fashioned vibe. If you like

Credits: Unsplash

shopping there are also many high-end stores at the Bund. Furthermore, thelandscape is also fantastic! Adding on,there are two sides of the bund – Puxi

and Pudong. The Puxi side is more old-fashioned and Pudong is more modern. The photos show the two sides of the Huangpu River.

The third place is the top one hot spring in Shanghai. It is called the 美豪(mei hao) hot spring. It is the number one hot spring in shanghai. It is natural and it is both outdoors and indoors. If you want some warmth in the freezing winter, this place would be perfect for you to go. There are springs for kids that are bit colder than the adult’s spring, which is hotter.

If you still do not know where to go after reading this article, you can always stay at home and eat a nice meal with your family and bake some cookies for Santa! Happy Holidays and warm wishes.



Disneyland photo from Unsplash

Hot spring photo from

The Pudong photo from Unsplash

The Puxi photo from Unsplash

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