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Top Places to Visit in Shanghai

Elaine Lu


Century Park is the largest park in Shanghai. It is located on “Jinxiu Road”, in the Pudong New Area of Shanghai, near the Shanghai Science and Technology Museum. It is a place which many trees which means the air quality is good and Century Park focuses on lawns, woods, and lakes. It was designed by the British environmental consultancy LUC and took four years to build. The Park got its name because it is situated at the end of Century Avenue. The construction was completed in 2000, the starting point of the new century.

In Lujiazui, there are many shopping centers, towers (for example the Shanghai Bund), the yellow river (the river that separates pudong from puxi), restaurants, museums, aquariums and more! It’s kind of like New York because it’s a bustling city and Lujiazui is the largest financial zone in mainland China. The population in 2010 was 112,507 people.

Yuyuan Garden is in Huangpu District, Shanghai, China, in the northeast of the former Shanghai Old Town, with Fuyou Road in the north, Anren Street in the east, Chenghuang Temple and Yuyuan Shopping Mall in the southwest. It is a classical garden built in the Ming Dynasty. Yu Garden was built in 1559 and was originally owned by Pan Yunduan, the governor of Sichuan. After that, Yu Garden was swept away in the hands of many people and withstood the ravages of many wars. This garden is accessible from the Shanghai Metro line 10, Yuyuan Garden Station.

The Shanghai Museum was founded in 1952 and has 120,000 objects considered one of the finest collections of art is China. In 1996 the museum was relocated to the People’s Square in the city center and was reopened. The new building was designed to symbolize the ancient Chinese concept of 天元地方(“round sky, square earth”).

Where have you already gone that they would like others to visit?



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“Lujiazui Photo”: Geoff Tompkinson

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