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What Activities Do You Do During Lockdown?

By Bingxu Liu and Jiho Ahn


Credit Ohio State University

Pretty much everyone in Shanghai is in lockdown right now. I bet you are bored sometimes when you are stuck at home. So, we’ve gathered information about the activities that people are doing during lockdown right now to give you inspiration on what to do so you can stay entertained at home!

We surveyed middle school students from Concordia International Shanghai School. From the people we surveyed, there were some great answers. Gordon replied that he does crafts and learns new things about math, physics, and chemistry. Rebecca answered that she does her homework, reads, plays Animal Crossing and Pokémon. Coco says that she reads, plays the piano, jump ropes, water plants, runs up the stairs, and washes the car. Abby says that she sews and would like to sew a certain pattern.

Some other people say that they enjoy baking, playing games, drawing, arts and crafts, practicing instruments, chess, sleeping in, watching TV, exercising, watching movies, reading, sewing, writing stories, and listening to music. Some instruments played are flutes, cellos, violins, and violas. Other students are playing games like ‘The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’, ‘Minecraft’, and ‘Pokémon’. Many of the books students are reading are ‘Warriors’, ‘Wings of Fire’, ‘The collection of 100 horror stories’, and ‘Lockwood & Co.’ The stories written are scary stories, and a variety of fanfictions.

Research has also shown that hobbies can make people happier. The article ‘How-hobbies-have-saved-sanity-during-lockdown’ has stated that according to a Charles Sturts University researcher, serious leisure activities relieve stress and enhance wellbeing. Doctor Mansourian, who is a Charles Sturts University lecturer in the School of Information and Communication studies located in Wagga Wagga, Australia, has said that ‘serious leisure’ is when people passionately engage in a meaningful hobby or voluntary activity for the long term.

Now we’ve given you a creative list of what your friends and classmates do, I hope your lockdown will be less boring. Call your friend, draw, read, play video games! Have fun, and let’s hope together that all this lockdown fiasco will be over soon!



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