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What do Rainbows Symbolize?

By: Flower Li


What do you think rainbows mean? Today, in this article, I am not going to tell you about how rainbows are formed. Instead, I am going to tell you about the different perspectives about rainbows in this world.

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What do Rainbows Symbolize?


In most people’s perspectives, rainbows stand for hope. This is because usually rainbows appear after a thunderstorm, and the rainbow is like a light shows after the darkest time. When you are having a tough time, hope is just like a light in your life. Hope can help you walk through your hard time.

Good Luck

Many people say that “Only lucky people can see rainbows”. This is because there is only a very small chance of forming a rainbow. And if you see one, this shows that you’re going to have a lucky day. Also, there is a story about leprechauns that shows good luck. Leprechauns hide their pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. And if anyone finds the gold, this person can take a handful of it. And that’s why people often say that rainbows symbolize good luck or good fortune.


Rainbows show equality because of the colors on them. There are many different colors on a rainbow, but they are combined. When people don’t care about each other’s different identities, they are showing equality. We shouldn’t exclude anybody just because they are different from us, we are all the same. The colors of a rainbow are all different, but they are together.


Rainbows symbolize peace for many reasons. First reason, you get a feeling of calmness when you look at a rainbow. Rainbows appear after when sunshine comes through the dark clouds, this is a message and sigh from the Gods that peaceful time will come. Rainbows symbolize peace is also because certain religions see a rainbow as a way towards the God, and this is thought to be that a person’s soul is at peace.


Rainbows don’t only symbolize for positive things, it can also symbolize for death. In North mythology, a rainbow would be a bridge between the world and the sky, they believe a rainbow is a link between life and death. Also, many cultures and religions believe that a rainbow symbolizes being accepted by a god after you die.

After you read all of those above, you should have learned many perspectives about rainbows. Rainbows symbolizes hope, good luck, equality, peace, death, and many other things. Everyone has different perspectives about rainbows. What do rainbows symbolize for you?



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