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Xi Han

By Lucas Chen


Credit: Ling Tang

The Xi Han Dynasty is one of the most famous Dynasties of China. It’s first Emperor Liu Bang acted like a gangster. He has no virtue, but how did he get the whole Han Dynasties up? He has one talent, knows how to look at people. For example, the famous general Han Xin, was a brazen guy. He always goes to the mayor’s house at noon and at the dinner time to eat their supper or lunch. He can eat very much a lot of times the mayor and his wife can’t even get something to eat from their hard work of making food. But one time Han Xing wrote an Advice to a general that generally didn't even want to look at his advice because he is just a little soldier.

So, Han Xing came to Liu Bang’s camp. Liu Bang spoke with him, he noticed that he is talented so he let him be a general. And Han Xing was the most successful general, he was the bravest general who helped Liu Bang go into the capital of Qin the Dynasties he overthrows.

The Xi Han Dynasties has 14 Emperors:

  • Han Gao Zu (Liu Bang)

  • Emperor Hui

  • Emperor Shao

  • Emperor Wen

  • Emperor Jing

  • Emperor Wu

  • Emperor Zhao

  • Emperor Fei

  • Emperor Xuan

  • Emperor Yuan

  • Emperor Cheng

  • Emperor Shuai

  • Emperor Ping

  • Han Ru Zi

And the most famous ones are Emperor Wen, Jing, and Wu. Hui and Shao Emperor were controlled by their mother the wife of Han Gao Zu. So, they had an Emperor’s name but did not have the emperor’s power. Emperor Wen was pushed up there to be an Emperor. He could because he proved himself in front of the Ministers.

Emperor Wen had the nickname “the pickiest Emperor” because he always is so poor to save money for the countries. So, he did this. He always went down to the farms and farmed with the ministers and Eunuchs. And he ate only rice and some spinach. Then he ate nothing but rice and spinach. He is the emperor, he ate spinach, so the ministers ate his vegetables and rice.

How the Xi Han Dynasty perished is because of one guy. His name is Wang Mang. He was a talented guy, but he was very sinister and cunning. He wished to be the emperor. But he was an actor. He was just a little guard at first, but he used his act to pretend that he is very filial piety, and at that time being filial piety is a very good thing, so he was recommended by one of his uncles. So, he became a general manager.

Then when his commander in chief uncle got sick, he showed more and more of filial piety, so he climbed up and up. Finally, he is now the chief general of the army. He started facing his goal towards the emperor’s seat. He first continued his “saint” face and still plan the plan of being the emperor.

Finally, Wang Mang started a heist. He kidnapped the emperor and killed it later. Then he called himself the emperor! The Xing dynasty started but after 10-20 years the land came back to Han and Xing perished but this time Dong Han.



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